Giuseppe Bonfante

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering ; his expertise covers plant planning, environmental and energy monitoring as well as fire prevention and safety at work. He worked as a contract professor for the course on “ plants in historical buildings” being a plant expert within the project ”Sustainability and Innovation of the building-plant systems  at the Faculty of Architecture of Politecnico of Turin. He was a professor at the Corep of Turin in the European Master on Facilities Management of Real Estate. Furthermore he was a member of the Piedmont’s Regional Committee for Museum Standards. He is also a  member of the Technical Committee “ Commissioning Authority” AICARR as well as of the Committee “Historical Buildings” for the development of the new LEED Sustainability Protocol for historical buildings by GBC Italia.

Within ONLECO he has overall responsability for the environment sector




Alessia Griginis

She graduated from the Politecnico of Turin with honours. She holds a PhD in InnovationTechnology with emphasis on Architecture and Industrial Design at Politecnico of Turin. Her PhD thesis focused on “Classroom Acoustics: objective and subjective  investigations in secondary school spaces. While working on her research she addressed classroom planning and the issues related to environmental quality and comfort, with the aim of achieving the best conditions for speech communication. Furthermore she is a principal acoustic consultant , certified by the Piedmont Region( in compliance with the D.D 170 of 16 July 2007). She is also the author of scientific and extensive publications.

Within ONLECO she has overall responsability for the acoustic and communication sectors.





Lorenzo Balsamelli

He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Politecnico of Turin. His areas of expertise include energy audits of existing buildings, energy analyses on a territorial scale as well as environmental and energy monitoring. He served as a contract researcher at the Energy Department of Politecnico of Turin in the research programme on Energy Saving in Healthcare Facilities of the Piedmont Region and in the European project" Polycity " within the Concerto initiative.He collaborated with the Laboratory of Architecture Technology at the Architecture Faculty of Politecnico of Turin. He taught classes at the Corep of Turin in the Master programme focused on Sustainable Buildings and Energy Efficiency. He is a member of the Italian Technical Commitee LEED-EB:O&B (Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance).He has published extensively focusing on energy audits and the certification of existing buildings.

Within ONLECO he has overall responsability for the energy, research and experimentation sectors.




Chiara Bonvicini

She graduated in Science and Technology with emphasis on cultural heritage at the University of Turin. She worked as a contract researcher at the Energy Department of Politecnico of Turin focusing on issues related to indoor environmental quality audits and environment monitoring for the protection of cultural heritage. While collaborating with Politecnico of Turin, she was actively involved in LEED accreditation procedures to the  Museum Standards of the Piedmont Region.
She is a LEED AP accredited professional and LEED Green Associate as well as a member of the Standard Committee for the development of Historic Building Protocol at GBC Italia.

Under ONLECO she provides consulting services that specialize in monitoring and environment sustainability.




Claudia Pintore

She has a certificate from the Technical Institute for Surveyors "Devilla" at Sassari and subsequently graduated in Civil Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin.In 2009 she also qualified  as a safety coordinator in compliance with  D.L 81/08. She has gained a sound expertise in technical, commercial and communication issues.

Under ONLECO she is currently responsible for technical secreterial services as  well as for innovation development services.




Giuliano Guerrisi

He holds a degree in Architecture from Politecnico of Turin with a thesis focusing on the energy audit  of a public housing district and on multi-energy systems.

Under ONLECO he provides consulting services that specialize in energy.






Sabrina Canale

Laureata nel dicembre 2010 in Scienze dell’Architettura, consegue la laurea magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città presso il Politecnico di Torino nel luglio 2013 con la tesi “Lo studio dei riflettori acustici in una sala polivalente tramite simulazione ray-tracing” in cui è stato valutato, attraverso specifici software di simulazione, il comportamento acustico di pannelli sospesi collocati al di sopra della platea al fine di ottimizzare le prestazioni acustiche della sala.
E’ iscritta all’Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Cuneo da aprile 2015.
Ha lavorato come collaboratore di supporto alla didattica per il modulo Fisica dell’edificio presso la Facoltà di Architettura del Politecnico di Torino.
Nella Società ONLECO svolge il ruolo di consulente specialistico in acustica e sostenibilità ambientale.



Eva Commisso

She received a secondary school diploma on humanities from Liceo Classico "Virgilio" at Lecce. and subsequently graduated in Political Science at the University of Turin. She was also the spokes-person for the hall of residence "Einaudi" in Turin. She has gained an extensive expertise in secreterial services and her administrative duties mainly address: business accounting, client/supplier relation management and debt collection.

Under ONLECO she is responsible for the administration and accounting department.