Onleco collaborates with designers and building companies to identify the best architectural and technological solutions in noise protection and acoustic comfort. Onleco has extensive expertise in environmental, building and architectural acoustics.

Environmental acoustics address the safeguard of the environment from noise pollution. Onleco can provide noise analysis and measurements in compliance with Law N.447/95  and other related acts on noise control, as well as draft noise certifications.

Noise transmission in residential areas as well as in workplaces can be a disturbing issue, therefore sound insulation can be considered a relevant and passive strategy for noise control.  Onleco has developed a high level of competence in planning sound insulation in the building sector, in addition noise is evaluated in plants at a design phase as well as at final testing.

A proper acoustic design is fundamental to ensure the best conditions for places where words (conference rooms, classsrooms, theatres) and/or music ( auditoriums, music halls, opera houses) need to be heard. Also when space is planned with endogenous noise created by people and/or machinery.
Onleco can offer specific architectural and design solutions for indoor acoustic comfort for any building, depending on its intended use. The company also provides acoustic measurement services for existing buildings to recommend acoustic enhancements.