ONLECO’s history and professional ethics

ONLECO was founded in 2001 by a group of young researchers and PhD students in Energy Studies at the Politecnico of Turin. Until 2004 the start-up  developed within the  Innovative Businesses Incubator of  the Politecnico of Turin. From 2004 ONLECO has been on the market  developing high and specific expertise on acoustics, energy and  environmental issues.

Since 2012,with a new  company structure,it  has implemented a strong professional network in order to expand  the amount as well as the quality of its  services, by taking into consideration both individuals and their competences.

ONLECO considers  human collaboration together with cohesion as  key factors for an excellent team work related to the issue of sustainability. The company  performs   shared  procedures, which are transparent to the customer and show  clear evidence of the composition and roles of the members engaged in the working group addressing the client.