ONLECO aims to strengthen professional networking in order to expand and improve its services through an integrated approach focused on encouraging and developing supply chain activities.

ONLECO is open to collaborate with research projects, long term collaborations with companies and other professionals, do strategic partnerships willing to develop integrated services, host internships and work stages in the company.


ONLECO, with its team, actively participates and collaborates with the AiCARR association, sharing common goals related to environmental well-being, a focus on energy efficiency, the use of renewable sources, and the managerial control of systems. ONLECO, with the contribution of Giuseppe Bonfante, is involved in the TECHNICAL COMMITTEE ON EFFICIENCY AND ENERGY CERTIFICATION (GdL6 – COMMISSIONING AUTHORITY), aiming to develop and adapt the USA-GBC LEED procedure to the Italian context. Moreover, with the contribution of Lorenzo Balsamelli, ONLECO has been actively engaged in numerous AiCARR publications and initiatives aimed at promoting awareness and knowledge in the field of plant technologies for the production, distribution, and utilization of thermal energy in both residential and industrial contexts.


ONLECO and its team collaborates with the Turin Building Constructors’ College offering training and consultancy services in the field of environmental building and architectural acoustics.Building contractors, thanks to an agreement between ONLECO and the College, can enjoy a dedicated and personalized service.

College of Building Constructors_circular n°526 of 07/27/2012 – Agreement with ONLECO SRL


ONLECO and its team collaborates with the Geometricians College of Turin on an important project: the “Energy Consumption Cadastre – ECC”. In this project also collaborates the TEBE (Technology Energy Building Environment) research group of the Politecnico di Torino. The main goal is to collect typological and energy consumption data of residential buildings made up from multiple real estate units which are equipped with a centralized heating system and create a database with indicators which allows the identification of the most critical buildings for which it is necessary to carry out an energy diagnosis.Real estate Administrators and managers can register for free in the ECC. Participating in this project allows you to contribute to its success and find simple and reliable indications for good energy practices for the management of your buildings.


ONLECO is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, an association which, thanks to a partnership agreement with USGBC, promotes the independent LEED® certification system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Its parameters establish precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings with limited environmental impact. GBC Italia adapts them to the Italian reality. ONLECO and its team participates in the activities of the GBC Standard committees in the EBOM and HB-Historic Building areas.


ONLECO and its team members Giuseppe Bonfante and Chiara Bonvicini, collaborates with IBPSA Italia, an association that promotes and develops the practice of building performance simulation in order to improve their design, construction, operation and maintenance. For this purpose, IBPSA Italia promotes the exchange of information and collaborations between the various subjects active in the field of building performance simulation. Following its ethical principles, ONLECO’s participation in IBPSA Italia expands its professional networking and continue improving its services through the development of supply chain activities.


ONLECO graduated in 2001 from the Innovative Business Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino and since then, although no longer hosted within the structure, it has kept in contact with this institution. I3P is the main Italian university incubator and one of the largest in Europe. Founded in 1999, it is located in the Cittadella Politecnica and to date it has launched 140 start-ups that have been able to exploit the results of research in various sectors: from cleantech to medtech, from Information Technology to electronics and automation, from energy to mechanics and other industrial sectors.


ONLECO, since its inception, has maintained a vibrant and fruitful collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino, specifically with the TEBE research group. The collaborations between ONLECO and the Politecnico di Torino primarily encompass: internships and stages; corporate mentoring for both undergraduate and postgraduate theses; participation in research projects; and contributions to publications.For more intricate tasks, ONLECO can also provide the expertise of professors from the Politecnico di Torino, renowned for their proficiency in the field of technical physics related to building-systems engineering.


ONLECO, in order to provide a comprehensive and high-quality service in the field of measurements, has established a stable collaboration with Allemano Metrology a company based in Turin. Allemano Metrology, founded in 1859, specializes in the metrology of physical and chemical quantities and offers a wide range of instruments managed with quality assurance and equipped with a Calibration Certificate LAT ACCREDIA (formerly SIT). Leveraging its metrological expertise, Allemano Metrology, operating as an accredited laboratory under LAT Center No. 157, assesses the uncertainties associated with the measurements after their execution. This is a crucial factor in ensuring, also from a legal standpoint, compliance with acceptability criteria established by standards or agreements between parties. Our collaborative services with Allemano Metrology


ONLECO, with the aim of providing its clients with “turnkey” services dedicated to energy and environmental monitoring, has established a collaboration with Capetti Elettronica S.r.l. a company specializing in the production of electronic devices. This collaboration has contributed to the development of the WEOLO and WINECAP wireless energy/environmental monitoring systems, currently among the most efficient in the market. Capetti Elettronica, originally established as a company dedicated to designing and producing exclusively for third parties, has evolved into a manufacturing company capable of creating high-quality systems and devices at the forefront of technology. Explore our collaborative projects with Capetti Elettronica


ONLECO is a partner in the ROADTO2020 project, serving as a consultant and operator within the network of participating companies. The ROADTO2020 project is endorsed by the Fondazione Torino Smart City as part of the development and implementation of actions outlined in the SMILE program. ROADTO2020 is an integrated plan for the economic, cultural, and environmental sustainability of building redevelopment. The plan encompasses the analysis and energy/structural diagnosis of buildings, their recovery, and post-intervention management. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, ROADTO2020 enables the development of energy-saving actions in building-system engineering. It also facilitates access to credit for property owners, offering favorable financing terms, and guides individuals toward sustainable practices that reduce energy expenses.


In order to provide its customers with services aimed at controlling the quality and healthiness of the air in internal environments aimed at the well-being and comfort of the occupants, it has established a stable collaboration with the company Harpa Italia S.r.l. producer of the AIRCARE® wireless IoT device, the innovative tool for screening related to monitoring the quality and comfort of indoor environments.

The device is able to monitor, using 15 sensors all placed inside it, the quality of the internal environment allowing a first level analysis of the air quality (volatile organic compounds, fine dust, CO2) of the environmental comfort (temperature and humidity) and electrosmog (electric and magnetic fields, radio waves), fundamental factors for ensuring indoor well-being, productivity and healthy environments.

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ONLECO, in its commitment to supporting clients with the necessary assurances of quality and compliance with the latest international standards in sustainability certification, has formed a significant partnership agreement with the American companies Pond, Robinson & Associates e Sinergi. Pond, Robinson & Associates is an American company based in Dallas, Texas, with additional offices in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa. They specialize in the assessment of existing properties (real estate due diligence) and the planning, design, and implementation of new construction and redevelopment projects. The company has also developed extensive experience and expertise in Commissioning activities to identify potential issues during the construction of buildings and systems. Services in partnership


ONLECO, to provide comprehensive support to its clients in all phases of plant redevelopment, from feasibility study to final inspection, has entered into a partnership with PROECO, a Turin-based company specializing in the design and project management of technological systems (mechanical and electrical). PROECO, founded in Turin in 2004, is a team of professionals formed by the merger of three decades-old professional studios. They are dedicated to the comprehensive design and project management of technological systems. The key partners are: | Giuseppe Bonfante | Franco Pautasso | Alberto Tessari

For more information about PROECO’s activities and projects, visit their website at


ONLECO, in its commitment to supporting clients with the necessary assurances of quality and compliance with the latest international standards in sustainability certification, has formed a significant partnership agreement with the American companies Pond, Robinson & Associates and Sinergi. Sinergi Consulting is an American company based in Byram, Mississippi, with a primary focus on providing services in the field of sustainable building design, particularly with regard to the LEED protocol. LEED SERVICES